Trance VR | In Production I’m currently lying low with exhibitions, screenings and performances to develop a Virtual Reality project called Trance. Stay tuned for this 5 part series that will take you into immersive, altered states of mind!  



Interference2_Wall2Creative Labor: Queer-It-Yourself Expo and Faire at SOMARTS | June 5 – June 24, 2016 Presented as part of the 2016 National Queer Arts Festival, Creative Labor: Queer-It-Yourself (QIY) Expo and Faire focuses on how material and immaterial labor manifests itself in the work of queer Bay Area artists – from writing code to weaving on a loom. The exhibition focuses on the use of traditional craft techniques in non-traditional ways, new media work that uses code and image processing to weave narrative and experimental structures across platforms, and the idea of the Craft, Maker, and Pop-Up marketplaces as alternative models for economic and aesthetic transactions. The QIY Faire and opening reception on Sunday, June 5 from 1:00 – 4:00 pm will feature queer arts and crafts, zines, artisan products, and inventive creations of all type. The Faire is free and open to the public. SOMARTS Creative Labor

Sedimentary_Still_ClearTubeSandSedimentary Noise at Soundwave | July 29, 2016 As as part of the Soundwave Biennial Festival I screened one of my most recent videos, Sedimentary Noise, along with a live sound score. Touching on the relationship of mind and body, the power and limits of the will, and the influence of past experience to the present, Sedimentary Noise references Samuel Beckett’s Happy Days, in which the central character sinks deeper and deeper into a mound of earth. As with Beckett’s character, there is an acceptance of this predicament – an allegory for the ways in which humans endure and persist through daily challenges, a mediated existence and the encroaching sands of time. TRAILER
Interference_DependentOrigination_Still2_Kadet_finalAbsentia Essay by Maile Costa Colbert “Kuhne not only renders sound visible, renders silence visible, but freezes a voice in space and time, in volume and silence. Her sculpture is a time capsule and an archive, a sound and an object. It creates place by placing a visible silence, and surrounding it like parenthesis, transposing it from a time-based media into a sculpture.” Absentia essay, Project gallery