Emerge video installation

sound in collaboration with Edward Vigen
video, sound, infrared sensors

Emerge is an interactive video installation intended to generate somatic experiences which in turn may prompt visceral responses to movement and sound. With sounds generated by a no-input mixer, the controlled feedback of the circuitry is representative of the oscillating feedback loop between materiality, subject and response. Projected from overhead, imagery of white space fills a circular screen that is viewed from below. When the participant steps underneath the screen, video loops of turbulent, rushing water are triggered by infrared sensors, giving the impression of complete and sudden submersion. The low frequency, feedback-generated noise samples associated with this deluge of water concretize the illusion of impact, which then return to pulsating, repetitive tones to complement the white ambient reflection. Comprised of intervals, disjunctions and suspensions of space-time, the situations presented in this experiential piece attempt to capture and delay an embodied experience — from anxiety to resolve.

Skills: Video