Paper Thin video

sound in collaboration with Edward Avila
single channel video, sound, 2.5 minutes
The figure in the film, Jully Jeunet, was filmed in a paper dress she had made for one of her photographs; she chose locations close to Gare du Nord, Paris.

Paper Thin is a reflection on the fragility of relationships in a time of war, loss, and destruction. In an illuminated Dada collage of a city cut up and reassembled by forces of history, familiar lines bend in upon themselves, creating impossible new geometries, ephemeral connections and divisions, as if to enfold the human figure at their center. The distortion of spacetime around the subject suggests enveloping structures that both support and constrict her, binding her to the vanishing point of reason, where logic and nonsense, love and death, creation and destruction, and self and other all converge.

Skills: Video