Slayed Still installation

stereo sound, infrared sensors, customized software

Slayed Still is an interactive sound installation in which sliced up audio samples are triggered and layered into a resultant composition. As a viewer moves near the designated work of art, motion sensors are activated which randomly select and play audio samples. These splats, knife cuts, stabs and flesh ripping sounds are intended to represent the inhumane measures that are often taken to produce animals for consumption. As multiple viewers enter the gallery space, the density and severity of the soundscape becomes a cacophonous representation of a slaughterhouse. The interactive aspect of Slayed Still implicates the viewer as the perpetrator of the violent actions that are being heard but not seen, ideally bringing to mind relevant topics related to our connection to the food we ingest daily. Within the longstanding tradition of incorporating food objects in art for aesthetic pleasure, the aim of Slayed Still is to emphasize how humans are involved in a complex relationship to food that extends far beyond self-satisfaction.

Presented at LACMA as part of Fallen Fruit

Skills: Sound