Synaptic video

single channel video, sound, infrared sensors, customized software

Synaptic is an interactive video installation about reactionary states of being, wherein the visitor’s body interacts with frenetically pulsating images reflective of our body’s internal and responsive neuronal activity. Using infrared motion detector sensors and customized software, close-up images of a pulsating, swirling and distorted figure are projected onto a screen or wall. As the visitor moves in the space, the images and sounds of the figure intensify into a highly agitated and frenzied state. When the spectator’s body comes to a standstill in relation to the figure on the screen, its movement slows down as well. The jump-cut, erratic movements are analogous to the synaptic firings in our brain that are in a constant state of signaling reactions within the nervous system, making a direct statement about the effects of perception and thought.

installation still from The Marina Abramovic Institute>

Skills: Video