Gradient Wake album

All tracks composed by Kadet Kuhne
mastered by Ryan Kleeman
released by FIBRR Records

Intervallic – clarinet by Giselle Eastman, percussion and vibraphone by Suki O’Kane.
Quantum Tunneling – remixed by Kadet, original music by Christopher Willits, sampled from the album Tiger Flower Circle Sun (2010, Ghostly International), published by Overlap Music (ASCAP).
Prelap – vibraphone by Suki O’Kane, contributing sounds by Kent Jolly & Jonathon Ganzmann.
Distill – contributing sounds by Christopher Eickmann & Jordain Wallace.
Rite of Passage – percussion by Suki O’Kane, clarinet by Giselle Eastman, contributing sounds by Hilary Reed.

Kadet’s most collaborative album release to date, Gradient Wake is slight shift in direction with many points of inspiration. Her background playing jazz guitar and listening to minimal composers is at the root, with particular influence by artists Chicago Underground Quartet, The Necks and Steve Reich. This album also reflects freshly formed, integrated relationships with the contributing musicians as well as her new family triad; spontaneous, improvised participation in which art and life mirror one another. A couple of the compositions on Gradient Wake were not only inspired by witnessing the birth of her son, they were also directly motivated by Kadet’s passion for the moving image; Distill, Quantum Tunneling and Fight or Flight were composed for videos by Kadet, Intervallic was composed for a Super 8 film by Paul Clipson and Rite of Passage was scored to a video by Krystof Pesek.

c. 2014 Kadet Kuhne

Skills: Sound