Quantum Tunneling video

single channel video, sound, 12 minutes

In quantum mechanics particles can, with a very small probability, tunnel to the other side of barriers – a process that cannot be directly perceived, but much of its understanding is shaped by the microscopic world. The subject featured in Quantum Tunneling traverses physical and perceived obstacles, into the molecular, atomic and sub-atomic levels of consciousness.

“We are thus witnessing the processes of both “coming into being” and “becoming,” where the singularity of a subjective existence continuously births, shapes and reshapes itself as it interrelates with and tunnels through boundaries that are both invisible – quantum – and visible, informed by the socio-cultural interpretations. Indeed, this audiovisual material invites us to interrelate with its figurations of the process of transvaluation, the change of the very essence from which we derive our notion of a value, in this case of embodied subjectivity on a subatomic – quantum – level, and enfold it into our own embodied subjective experience.” -Maja Manojlovic

Skills: Video