Null Extension Single Release | November 2022

New music release! Composed and produced by Kadet with Edward J. Avila for Kadet’s 3 channel video installation titled “Null Extension.” This experimental electronic score features abstracted rope stretching samples that dissipate in and out of granular forms, along with a deep pulsating bass, and immersive tonal textures. The traveling viewpoint of the individual experience, contrasted with infinite expansion, allows an unraveling of monolithic understanding toward the process of becoming. Null Extension

Animated Shorts Film Festival, SF | September 30, 2021

Sym, the animated short directed, edited, and scored by Kadet, won Audience Choice Award for Best Sound Design, and Juror’s Choice 1st Runner Up! Animation by Ying Herng Chia. Based on concepts of emergent strategy, Sym envisions a response to individual resistance that shifts the focus toward collective interdependent metamorphosis and the embrace of change as adaptive transformation. SYM (excerpt)

Sedimentary Noise Album Release | December 2020

Composed and produced by Kadet (with Edward J. Avila). Sedimentary Noise is the soundtrack from “Sedimentary Noise,” an experimental, immersive film I directed. The score features pulsating patterns and layered, granular detail generated by a combination of synths, no-input mixing, and sampled recordings. Sedimentary Noise

Shapeshifters Cinema | October 11, 2020

Live from Shapeshifters’ streaming channel, I presented a live sound set to video works that engage noise algorithms, spectra, evolving, chaotic and structured forms, and states of becoming through emergent patterns. Working collaboratively with animator Ying Herng, Chia, visual artist Christopher O’Leary, writer and playwright Carson Beker, and graphic designer Graham Akins, the sound performance is a combination of live interpreted visual data and composed overlays with no-input mixing, manipulated recordings, and analog synths. You can check out the set plus Q&A here!

The Cyborg Project | September 17-20, 2020

A collaboration between artists Nathan Hirschaut, Treyden Chiaravalloti, Avital Meshi, Kadet Kuhne and an international ensemble of dancers, the project examines our technological transformation and what makes us human in a virtual world. The Cyborg Project is an immersive performance that combines dance with AI, VR, AR, and Robotics to explore our bodies’ hybridization with new technological advancements, exploring a reality in which the dualisms between machines, animals, and humans no longer exist. Throughout the show, the audience is able to move through a maze of 3D installations, performances, and films that combine new technology and dance. The Cyborg Project

Bauhaus at 100, Ruth’s Table Gallery, SF | February 2020 – July 2020

My video installation Kymaplex was part of “Bauhaus: An Enduring Legacy.” This group show was timed to coincide with a worldwide celebration of the 100th-year anniversary of the Bauhaus as well as the observance of the 100th-year anniversary of Congress’s passage of the proposed Nineteenth Amendment that led to the ratification in 1920.  The four major themed exhibitions will delve into the Bauhaus impact on textile, color interaction and theory, photography, and art and activism with a particular emphasis on the way certain areas have evolved with the development of technology and innovation. Ruth’s Table

Seeing Sound 2 at Pence Gallery, Davis | June 8 – July 2, 2019

I exhibited media works as part of this group exhibition centered on sound, along with the following artists who presented kinetic pieces, video work, or installations: Rachel Clarke & Stephen Blumberg, Sam Nichols & Robin Hill, Jiayi & Shih-Wen Young, and Terry Berlier. Pence Gallery

Sonic Event: Panel at California College of the Arts | February 21, 2019

Queer Conversations on Culture and the Arts presents: Sonic Event with Sarah Hennies, Kadet Kuhne, and Carla Lucero. “Sonic Event explores the embodied materiality of sound and the spectrum of sexual difference(s) in the work of three contemporary artists crafting the divergent velocities of sonic experience. From the “female voice” showcased in the operatic works of Carla Lucero, to Sarah Hennies’ percussive explorations of gendered sound and the immersive physicality of Kadet Kuhne’s videos and sound engravings, the evening affords a listening experience that manifests the multiplicity of human and non-human material presence.” Curated by Rudy Lemcke and Justin Carter. Queer Cultural Center

100% Synthetic DVD Release | November 2018

I collaborated with Christopher O’Leary on a new piece titled VOIDS for this compilation of video/sound works by various artists who I absolutely love. Released on the Estuary ltd label, limited edition. All source material is 100% synthetic, then manipulated using analog and digital technologies. VOIDS, Estuary ltd.

Forward Slash Story in Kenya | August 23-27, 2018

Forward Slash Story is a residential lab for writers, artists, technologists and designers who work in uncharted territories to share their journey. F/S attempts to tackle some of the most difficult problems surrounding storytelling in the 21st Century. A gathering of thinkers & doers working across a diversity of creative fields come together for 4 days focused on sharing, making, experimentation and innovation. F/S

Kinetic at Jason Vass Gallery, LA | August 11-12, 2018

FUTRA presents KINETIC, a two-day multimedia event featuring over 30 visual artists, performers, and musicians at the JASON VASS GALLERY in the Arts District of DTLA. I exhibited a two-channel version of my Null Extension video installation, plus new lenticular prints based on the architecture of sound waves.

Electric Castle in Cluj, Romania | July 18-22, 2018

My full-dome, immersive video/sound piece made in collaboration with Mary Franck was part of this annual music festival held on the spectacular Transylvanian domain of the Bánffy Castle. Electric Castle, Carapace trailer