Null Extension Album

Sedimentary Noise Album

Sym video

Rite of Passage

Radial Suspension lenticular prints

Extension aluminum prints

VOIDS installation

Null Extension video

Kymaproten video

Kymaplex video

Null Extension exhibition

Paper Thin video

Drone Reflection 3D Print

Interference: Sine 3D print

Drone Tower 3D print

Intervallic soundtrack

Sedimentary Noise video

Quantum lenticular prints

Music Compilations

Interference: Perceived Limitations III 3D print

Interference: Perceived Limitations II 3D print

GIASO (Great Internet Audio Streaming Orchestra)

Resonant Luminance performance/installation

Synaptic video

Interference: Overlap 3D print

Rebound 3D printed stills

Interference: Dependent Origination 3D print

As Machines Shine installation

Ruminant soundtrack

Matter of Mind performance

Carapace installation

Thin Air album

Matter of Mind album

Gradient Wake album

Infinite Delay video

Causal installation

Abstracted Reflection installation

Slayed Still installation

Rebound video

Resonant Shift video

Emerge video installation

Interference: Perceived Limitations I 3D print

Quantum Tunneling video

Fight or Flight video

Seismic album

Rebound video prints

Quantum video prints